Jonestown muslim

Europe: another jonestown massacre why have the leaders of western europe decided to lead their people in mass suicide british pakistani muslims, david horowitz, devout muslims, douglas murray, european union, fake muslim protests, immigration,. The long division of jonestown survivors thirty-five years after the horrific mass suicide in guyana, former peoples temple members and relatives of the deceased are conflicted on the best way to. Jonestown at 35 35 years ago, on november 19, 1978, 73-year-old hyacinth thrash awoke to a nightmare in the jungles of guyana in one of the largest murder-suicides in world history, 918 people from her peoples temple church lay dead before her eyes, poisoned by a lethal cocktail of cyanide and fruit punch.

What do people of christianity think of jonestown massacre if, by asking “people of christianity,” you are implying that this atrocity was a “christian” thing, you are incorrect it was as clear an example of a cult as the world has ever seen. Non-muslims may live there on muslim sufferance the outside world (non-muslim), which has not yet been subjugated, is called the “house of war,” and strictly speaking a perpetual state of jihad, or holy war, is imposed by the law. Not sure - do you hate the jonestown suicides as much as you hate the columbine killers i don't so it doesn't seem logical but, logically, i believe that the parents of harris and klebold deserve much compassion it's unfortuante that they can't have it i'll say again: memorials are for the living. Radical christians have formed cults like the one in jonestown not every christian is getting ready to feed their kids cyanide-laced kool-aid muslims don’t pose a threat to me.

On the evening of november 18, 1978 in jonestown, guyana, 909 members of peoples temple killed themselves, including their leader jim jones and 276 children this fateful night, jones ordered his congregation to drink a concoction of a cyanide-laced grape flavored drink. Jim jones, byname of james warren jones, (born may 13, 1931, crete, near lynn, indiana, us—died november 18, 1978, jonestown, guyana), american cult leader who promised his followers a utopia in the jungles of south america after proclaiming himself messiah of the peoples temple, a san francisco-based evangelist group. The peoples temple agricultural project, better known by its informal name jonestown, was a remote settlement established by the peoples temple, an american sect under the leadership of reverend jim jones, in north guyana.

It is said that religion is the ‘belief that, what man can see and observe, is a power, supernatural and divine, that influences life on earth. The man whom author george russell is describing is jim jones, remembered for the jonestown, guyana mass suicide of americans on november 18, 1978. Of members of the california-based peoples temple cult at the behest of their charismatic but paranoid leader, jim jones, in jonestown agricultural commune, guyana the death toll exceeded 900, including some 300 age 17 and under, making the incident one of the largest mass deaths in american history. Although in fact, the jonestown community preferred a cheaper alternative – flavor aid – and used it to mask the bitter taste of cyanide, mixed with a dash of valium.

Jonestown muslim

Jonestown was divided into grids and the bodies found in each individually numbered section were catalogued and tagged graves registration soldiers were team leaders of three to five man teams, consisting of infantry soldiers from the 193 rd infantry brigade in the canal zone. In fact, the notion of a mass suicide at jonestown has been repeated so many times that it is accepted as fact, and the association is so strong that when most people hear jonestown, the first thing which pops in their head is kool-aid this association is false. The unclaimed, cremated remains of nine victims of a 1978 mass cult suicide-murder in jonestown, guyana, have turned up in a closed funeral home in delaware. On the evening of november 18, 1978, united states congressman leo ryan was assassinated minutes after leaving jonestown, a community carved in the jungle of guyana his death was relayed to cult leader jim jones, who hurriedly called a meeting.

The mass suicide at jonestown left a huge impact on our society and has inspired movies, books, and even the expression “drinking the kool-aid” however, conspiracy theorists claim that the jonestown massacre wasn’t the work of a madman but was actually a sinister catholic plot. According to one, they are different from us — muslims, palestinians, israelis, communists, you name it thus, in the battle against islamic extremism, islam is, in part at least, the enemy. Perhaps a conventional christian or a straight-up marxist-leninist or muslim could induce a similar mass suicide in jonestown-like conditions perhaps.

On november 18, 2015 it will be 37 years since the cia cover story concerning revered jim jones’ people’s temple and the tragic events in jonestown, guyana began permeating our culture but the real true horrors of jonestown and the cia operation mk ultra have been ommitted. Jonestown was a big story in 1978, there had been cults in the news, but none had resulted in hundreds of deaths by suicide cults were in the news a lot, manson, black panthers and many other groups had been formed to change the power structure. Witness to jonestown - rare footage shot inside the people’s temple gives an insider’s look at the tragic jonestown massacre that occurred in guyana in 1978 72 herb & dorothy - he was a postal clerk. (rns4-may26) the rev jim jones performs a baptism in the swimming pool at peoples temple church in redwood valley, calif (circa 1973) see rns-jonestown-play, transmitted may 26, 2005.

Jonestown muslim
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