Halo reach matchmaking playlist data pending download

Originally we indicated that this week was our target for updating the halo 2 xbox live matchmaking playlists and resetting all player rankings we are holding this update while we investigate and fix some of the xbox live download problems that people have been reporting. Halo reach server down why why playlist data pending download, halo reach servers are temporarily down, and loading playlist content yes it is i just went to playu after down. Playlist data pending download yet one of my friends can play right next to me with no problems anybody have any clue wtf is wrong english #halo #reach comment reply start topic report i'm now stuck at loading information from halo reach server on the matchmaking screen comment reply start topic.

I have previously raised this problem on the 07 forum but now it has reoccured i thought id raise it here when starting halo reach today i am presented with an invite to download the tu beta playlist and take part in 343 industries testing. The flashing message playlist data pending download has been constantly displayed throughout the game is offline if the problem cannot be resolved, at least post a service message so that players and support representatives do not waste time trying to troubleshoot their systems and network setups. After the xbox update i tried playing halo reach and when i first went on i saw that my player had been made a recruit again, and my armor is gone but its not like all my data was deleted because when i press start i see my player, my armor, my rank and credits the next problem is when i press matchmaking, i get put on a screen that says matchmaking and for playlist it says loading and.

Halo: reach playlist data pending download user info: ghostoflegault ghostoflegault 8 years ago #1 what exactly does this mean i clearly downloaded the beta because i'm in the matchmaking lobby right now does this have to do with the fact that the servers have been down. Stuck on downloading the latest matchmaking data in halo mcc submitted 2 i spammed the message, i left it to download for 4 hours, i went into a custom game and back out again, i hard reset my xbox, i cleared the game data and tried again both before and after resyncing it, i checked my nat (open as always), i factory reset my console. Today i got on to find that the general view of my spartan was reset along with my rank, and matchmaking was stuck on an endless playlist download my player menu, however, contains my previous rank and armor set with no noticeable changes.

Start matchmaking is lit up like i can start, but it wont let me the whole thing of waiting to just be able to play, is garbage you guys took all of the halo 2 servers just for this, and halo was way bigger than what reach has right now. Reach xbox live playlists have been updated our first halo: reach post-launch playlist update has been successfully deployed to xbox live this update addresses a variety of issues in addition to tweaking some of the existing core gametypes and playlists.

Joeski73 takes us on a quick tour of atom, destined for halo: reach matchmaking on 10/19/2010 if you want to, you can download it here comments : leave a comment » categories : halo , halo reach , maps , matchmaking , video games. Halo: reach is the prequel to halo: combat evolved, and chronicles one of the most cataclysmic events of the halo universe, the destruction of the unsc fortress world reach, through the eyes of a squad of spartan super-soldiers known as noble team.

Halo reach matchmaking playlist data pending download

When i try to get on halo reach to play matchmaking, it says playlist data pending download or the halo reach servers are unavailable at this time. Halo: reach stuck on playlist data pending download i need help unknowable to me when i try to go play matchmaking it is stuck on playlist data pending download and i can't play my matchmaking i was playing halo last night perfectly fine i didn't receive any credits for that game and when it was over i got the same message you.

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  • Don't listen to the other people saying bungie is being stupid it just because there's about a million people all trying to connect to the server and the server can't handle that many people at once so it puts you on hold.

Odst or firefight matchmaking data pending download just trying not to end of console most xbox 360 halo: reach, watching raiders of the stream was being applied halo 3 melee button in this site though microsoft has the matchmaking system down im like the noble map in.

halo reach matchmaking playlist data pending download “our first halo: reach post-launch playlist update has been successfully deployed to xbox live this update addresses a variety of issues in addition to tweaking some of the existing core.
Halo reach matchmaking playlist data pending download
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